This multilateral school partnership project involves five partner schools in five European countries. The pupils involved are 13-17 years old.

Xenophobia-MMFF is a musical project developed by students and teachers of five partner schools in France, Greece, The Netherlands, Poland and Germany. The main topic is the fear of what is foreign. XMMFF is supposed to illustrate the possibilities of unusual and unexpected encounters in an artistic way. On the one hand, we would like to show the latent fears of what is foreign. On the other hand, we aim at reducing the very ones.

There are three main tasks:

The forming of local, international and travel ensembles for the collaborative development of a musical play.

The promoting of intercultural dialogue clubs to enable students and teachers with different cultural backgrounds to participate in the school communities.

The perception of migration as a social fact, which must influence school development. And therefore the sustainable inclusion of integrative measures in school structure.






Musical Movement Fighting Fear